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Can Cirrhosis Be Reversed

Can Cirrhosis Be ReversedCirrhosis is scarring of the liver caused by the continuous and long-term liver damage. Can cirrhosis be reversed? Many people who are diagnosed with cirrhosis may concern about this problem. Now, let’s talk about it and find out the best treatment for cirrhosis.

The risks of cirrhosis

In cirrhosis, the healthy tissue of liver will be gradually replaced by scar tissue and the liver function is prevented in the end, which is the liver failure.

Can cirrhosis be reversed? Cirrhosis is a progressive disease, and there has no been identified cure for it. As it progresses, the diffuse damage can't be reversed and eventually make the patients’ liver stops functioning. Therefore, cirrhosis can be fatal when it goes into advanced stage. However, it doesn’t mean cirrhosis is the dead. Usually, it may take years to develop into the advanced stage of cirrhosis and effective treatments can slow down the progression of cirrhosis.

The conventional treatments for cirrhosis

Can cirrhosis be reversed? It seems difficult to repair the damages in the liver. Usually, drugs, like Ursodeoxycholic acid (UDCA) and some immunosuppressant can slow down the progression of cirrhosis, especially in the early stage.

Liver transplant is another good choice, but you have to wait for a long time for the appropriate resource for transplant. However, liver transplant can be used only for the final stage of cirrhosis and patients have to meet some strict conditions, besides it takes the risks in the surgery.

The best treatment for cirrhosis

Stem cell treatment is the most effective and safe treatment for cirrhosis up to now. Stem cells can repair the impaired liver cells and restore the liver function. It also helps slow down the progression of liver cirrhosis when the liver cells are repaired. As the best stem cell research and treatment center in the world, Cells Center China has a high effective rate at more than 90%, and have helped many people with cirrhosis get rid of the suffering of cirrhosis to make them live well with cirrhosis.

Can cirrhosis be reversed? For more information about stem cell treatment, please contact us at E-mail: stemcellprc@gmail.com.

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