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Stem Cell Treatment to Improve the Prognosis of Cirrhosis

With the advancing medical technique, the stem cell treatment has been applied in clinic for the treatment of liver cirrhosis. The application of stem cells in clinic could help to significantly improve the prognosis of liver cirrhosis. This passage will help you to fully explain about the stem cell treatment for improving the outcomes of liver cirrhosis.

Background information: how about the prognosis of liver cirrhosis?

The liver cirrhosis is a chronic disorder of the liver. The liver is a vital organ and it plays several vital functions for maintaining human health. Initially, at the early illness course, the patients with liver cirrhosis actually only pose such moderate symptoms such as abdominal distension, physical weakness, poor appetite, etc. Those early warning signs are usually ignored by the patients. However, as far as we know, the liver, just like kidneys and other vital organs, has good compensatory functions, that means to say, though a certain part of liver cells are scarred, the remaining healthy cells will work overload, so that patients don’t have evident symptoms. But there is already underlying scarring of liver. Liver cirrhosis is actually a chronically progressing disease. Though short term symptoms can be remitted by certain drugs, the majority of patients may develop into a more severer stage over prolonged period. This is the common route for such a disease as liver cirrhosis.

How does stem cell treatment help to improve the prognosis of cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis is caused by scarring of liver. For the treatment of liver cirrhosis, the stem cells have the function of regenerating new liver cells to repair the impaired liver cells and improve the liver function. The stem cells can realize the function since they are cells that can self-renew. The treatment can help the improvement of liver performance and overall liver function, which could be manifested as improvements in lab values and remission of clinical symptoms. This treatment will have more satisfactory improvements in patients at earlier illness course of liver cirrhosis, and the majority of patients can have remission of symptoms, improved prognosis and delayed progression by the treatment.

Hope the above information could be of help for you. If you want further detailed information of improving the prognosis of cirrhosis based on your individualized condition, you may email me to stemcellstreat@gmail.com directly.

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